Ben Winship ACORNS

                    “An expertly executed blend of style and form. Winship’s expertise with mandolin and pen are highlighted throughout.  This is a project sure to chase away the doldrums.” ~ Mike Compton

ACORNS is my version of old time string-band music. It was mostly recorded live in my studio with a crew of my favorite people over several days. Lots of meals, jokes, laughing and libations. While I produced it and the songs are mostly mine, it was very much a collaborative effort and I think the community spirit of real time, spontaneous music making is accurately celebrated.

Brittany Haas, Roy Andrade, Eric Thorin, Pharis Romero,
Chris Coole, Scotty Meyer, Forrest Gibson, Eli West,
Rayna Gellert, Natalie Padilla, Mollie O’Brien

A Little Goes a Long Way
Shakin Down the Acorns
I’ll Live On
Phoebe’s Rest
Cherry Tree
Katy Bar the Door
Turtle Dove
Fit to be Tied
New River Train
One-Eyed Dolly
Lily Green
Kennedy Rag

Ben Winship ACORNS
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