Brother Mule: Ben Winship & Brian Wickland w/ Eric Thorin

Playing music of yesterday and today like there's no tomorrow, Brother Mule is an acoustic power trio that defies categorization. The music is driven by Wicklund's stellar fiddle playing and Winship's song writing. With rock solid support in the all the frequencies below 100hz, the trio is backed on upright bass by Eric Thorin (of Open Road and Tony Furtado Band fame). This debut cd is a showcase of original and traditional music, vocal and instrumantal - ranging from swing and old time to Celtic, old country and acoustic funk. The trio is joined on select numbers by Mike Dowling (guitar), Jeff Newsom (harp), Marc Bru (percussion) and Ed Domer (snare).

Tangled Roots
Russian Lullaby
Old Man Winter-Shadows
on the Mountain-Rabbit Creek Old Black Coat
Glory at the Meeting House- Chinkapin Hunting
Any Old Time
Randall Collins
Chilly Winds
Little Rock Getaway
Millennium Waltz
Glory Of Love
Uncle Jack

Brother Mule: Ben Winship & Brian Wickland w/ Eric Thorin
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